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G7 the name identified with spectacular music events, unforgettable nights out and countless memories.

G7 has been a pioneering force for over 20 years.  During the years G7 has been a major catalyst of growth for the local music entertainment scene. G7 firmly established itself as an industry leader, a source of innovation, as well as a clear crowd favourite.

G7 is all about the people who love to dance. It’s about the music, the vibe, club fever and event life in Malta.

Since the very beginning back in 1997, G7 has organised events, concerts, club nights and parties for people who love music and who want to enjoy their weekends in a fun yet safe way. The attention to detail and the constant personal touch with the guests was key to the success for G7 and all the events, parties and concerts G7 were involved in. G7 took the clubbing concept to a new level in 2003 when they took residency of Friday nights at Gianpula, the most successful club night in the last 14 years. When it comes to parties, events and concerts in Malta, G7 are synonymous with success, reliability and clockwork organisation. With these credentials, unrivaled experience and an unwavering determination, G7 is always on the lookout for the next big thing, and to once again, revolutionise your events.

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