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When purchasing a ticket for one of our events, either from the G7 Website, or from the Isle of MTV website, or from Local Ticket Outlets, you are given the option to join our Subscriber Database. Customers who opt to be included in the G7 Events Subscriber Database would be agreeing to receive news and promotional information from G7 Events

The data collected when tickets are purchased, that is your name, your age and your contact details will be retained for one year following the event. Up until the date of the event, your data will be required in order for G7 Events to fulfill their obligations vis-à-vis the event. The data will then be retained for one year for security purposes. Furthermore, statistical data (that is, data which cannot be attributed to a data subject) will be retained for statistical purposes.

If you give us your consent, data collected will be retained in the database of G7 Events for marketing purposes only. If you do not wish to receive promotional material, kindly leave the checkbox un-ticked. Should you wish to unsubscribe or to exercise any of the rights available to you under the General Data Protection Regulation, you may do so by contacting us on: info@g7events.com

When Activating a G7 Membership Card, the user is agreeing to receive updates about the benefits and discounts available to Membership Card holders and Membership Renewal Reminders.

All transactions/orders carried out on this website are concluded in English.


  1.  G7 Events reserves the right to refuse to accept any User, Buyer or request for purchase of tickets made to it. The event organisers can refuse entry to, or remove any person from, a G7 event venue who is behaving in an inappropriate manner or appears to be intoxicated or under the influence of drugs, or in their opinion, may provoke a breach of the peace, jeopardise the health, safety and enjoyment of others, or damage the reputation of the event.  To ensure the audience’s safety, the event organisers may conduct security searches both before you enter the venue and at any time during the event, which may include searching in your bag and/or outer garments and/or anything else you may be carrying with you.
  2. Buyers must be over the age of 17 to purchase an event ticket. Proof of age may be required on entry to an event: if ID is requested, only currently valid ID in the form of a passport, driving licence, Malta ID card or other form deemed acceptable by the event organisers will be accepted.
  3. The price of a ticket is that quoted on the event page. The price includes value added tax but excludes any booking fees applicable from time to time by our ticketing agents. Standard tickets do not provide access to VIP areas.  Only valid VIP ticket holders will be allowed entry to VIP areas.
  4. Event tickets are not posted to Buyers. A Buyer will receive his/her tickets through electronic mail at the email address provided by the Buyer during the ticket purchasing process.
  5. Buyers are advised to check their tickets on purchase. Mistakes cannot always be rectified, and at times can only be rectified at a charge.
  6. Unless otherwise stated in the Event page; tickets cannot be exchanged or refunded or cancelled after purchase. Neither G7 nor its partners accept any liability for any loss (whether direct or indirect) incurred by the ticket holder in connection with any G7 event.
  7. Unless otherwise stated in an email or in writing: When placing an order, the Buyer agrees that the event tickets are for personal use only and cannot be resold or transferred. Where it is suspected that the holder of tickets is attempting to resell these, the tickets may be invalidated and the holder of any such tickets refused entry into the venue. In such cases, refunds will not be issued. The production, distribution or sale of forged tickets and unofficial merchandise is forbidden.
  8. Any change in relation to an event will be communicated through the G7 website and its accompanying Facebook Page.
  9. Buyers are to ensure that any information provided by them is correct. It is the responsibility of the Buyer to inform G7 Events or Universe or Showshappening of any change in the details he/she has provided. Malta G7 Events, Universe and Showshappening are not responsible for any incorrect Buyer information entered.
  10. Please be aware that the event will be filmed, sound-recorded and photographed.
  11. The following items are strictly prohibited in any event venues: professional audio/video recording equipment; drink containers; glass of any kind (including perfume bottles); alcoholic drinks (other than those bought at the venue); drugs or illegal substances of any kind; any form of weaponry (including pointed instruments, screw drivers, syringes, scissors, guns, etc); fireworks; laser pens; selfie sticks; drones; aerosols; klaxons / air horns; unlicensed, counterfeit or illegal merchandise; flags, emblems, clothing or other paraphernalia of a political or racist nature, or anything promoting hate speech; sports jerseys (e.g. rugby or football shirts); umbrellas; parasols, tents, gazebos, windbreaks or other large items for outdoor use; or anything else that G7 Events deem to be dangerous, unsafe or could restrict the view or ruin the enjoyment of other ticket holders. Any ticket holder found in possession of any of the foregoing items will have the item confiscated, without liability, and may be refused admission and/or ejected from the event at G7 Events’ discretion.  Anyone found with a dangerous or illegal item (including but not limited to illegal drugs or weapons) will be reported to the police.
  12. These terms and conditions may be revised from time to time. It is up to Buyer to check any changes made from time to time. The terms and conditions in force at the time one makes a request for tickets shall be the applicable terms and conditions for that transaction.
  13. Communication with Buyers will be through electronic mail or by posting notices on the G7 website and/or Facebook Page. A Buyer agrees that electronic means of communication and all other information provided electronically shall be deemed as communication in writing.
  14. When Activating a G7 Membership Card, the user is agreeing to receive updates about the benefits and discounts available to Membership Card holders and Membership Renewal Reminders.

Our Partners

International Partners

G7 Events has also been the mastermind in introducing world-renowned International Festivals to Malta. Introducing Isle of MTV Malta Special in 2007, such an event opened up exciting and new tourism opportunities for the local music entertainment industry

Venue Partners

With more than 20 years of experience in events, G7 Events has partnered with the best local venues to create spectacular and memorable events.

Commercial Partners

Various Local & International brands have chosen G7 events to collaborate with our vast audience and promote their product/ brand. Here are a few of our commercial partners we have worked with.